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Talent Concept
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A country is established by talents, politics is governed by talents, and business is prospered by talents.

Our company firmly establishes the concept that science and technology are productivity and human resources are corporate resources, and pursues the talent policy of "freedom to come and go" and "combination of cultivation and use", and then forms a good atmosphere of respect for knowledge and talents in our company.

If you succeed, the honor belongs to you; if you fail, the responsibility lies with our company.

Our company focuses on a people-oriented talent strategy, an employment philosophy that tolerates failure, and a targeted talent incentive mechanism. Our company implements the reform of the distribution system in which technology elements participate in the distribution of income has been implemented. A number of research groups have participated in the dividends of products, and have repeatedly publicly rewarded scientific and technological personnel with outstanding contributions, which effectively attracts talents and stimulates their enthusiasm and creativity. We made a situation of technology-based enterprise and experts' managed factory.


Improve the life-long education system for employees and encourage employees to continue their studies

Employees are the capital of an enterprise and the source of strength for enterprise development. Our company encourages employees to actively participate in training that is beneficial to their own business quality, vocational skills, career development planning and corporate interests, and creates opportunities for young employees to receive re-improvement and re-education. Eligible employees go to colleges and universities for further studies, and our company pays all amount of study expenses, and a full salary bonus will be given. In addition, our company trains technical backbones through a combination of sending out for further study and practical training, so that our company has a solid talent foundation for technological innovation and creates an atmosphere of endless innovation.

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