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Company culture
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Enterprise development vision

Provide customers with high-quality products and services, create a win-win situation with customers, and strive to develop into an outstanding well-known enterprise with core competitiveness and industry influence!


Our Mission

Insist on R&D and innovation, strive for excellence in quality, create value for customers, and promote to create a better future with customers.

Advocate the coordinated development and common growth of employees and our company, and promote the realization of employees' personal self-worth through the achievement of team goals.


Core values ​​of the company     

-Coordinate development, share growth

Persisting in the common value of personal growth rooted in the sustainable development of the enterprise is the fundamental guarantee for the realization of individual value.

It is advocating that enterprises belong to shareholders, managers, and employees. Enterprise must eventually move toward socialization.

Pursue a win-win situation of a community of internal and external interests of the enterprise.

-Integrity & pragmatism, service first

 "Integrity & pragmatism, service first" is the foundation for the survival and development of an enterprise.

Only by continuously improving the ability to create customer value and improving customer satisfaction is the only way for an enterprise to move into the future.


-Challenge yourself to be the first

In the growth journey, the bottleneck of personal development is a problem that every employee must face.

At different stages of development, Xinjingxiang will inevitably face different development bottlenecks.

"Unremitting pursuit, surpassing ourselves" is the only effective way to overcome the bottleneck of individual and team development.

Building a "stage without ceiling" is the common goal of Xinjingxiang people.


Enterprise core philosophy    

Service creates value

Survive by quality, develop by innovation, and achieve a win-win situation by integrity; as a provider of products and technical services, our company, no matter now or in the future, only adheres to the business philosophy of "service creates value", and continuously improve the ability of creating customers' values, thus we can have the foundation of survival and development .

"People-oriented" view

"People-oriented" is not without restraint, do whatever one wants, nor is it "stressing loyalty, looking at face, and building relationships". Xinjingxiang's "people-oriented" advocates:

Fully respect the needs of employees for learning and career development.

Fully respect the need for employees to pay in proportion to their remuneration.

Fully respect the needs of employees' personal development and self-worth realization.


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